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Ol'Vita is a Polish family-run company established in 2004. The business capital is 100% Polish. The activity is related to food, cosmetic and feedstuff industries.
Production for the food industry includes:
- cold pressed unrefined oils,
- oils in capsules
- natural flour products from oilseeds, among others, high-protein ones,
- Seeds, pips and dried fruit
Production for cosmetic industry includes:
- natural, one-ingredient cosmetic products - cold pressed oils and peelings/masks Production for the feedstuff industry includes: high-protein components - oil cake

Our experience has enabled us to create own modern production lines thanks to which we are able to obtain innovative high-quality products.
All Ol'Vita products are 100 % natural. The technological processes use selected raw products mainly from Poland and other EU countries.
The highest quality of our products has been confirmed by results of analyses of external accredited laboratories. The cooperation established with specialists from the Universities' Food Science and Nutrition Departments enables us to identify natural nutrients and biologically active substances in our new products introduced to the market.
Thanks to an innovative technology of processing oil raw materials developed by us we can obtain products of the highest quality and stability characterised by abundance of natural ingredients. We are proud of the company's achievements in form of awards for our cold pressed oils which confirm their uniqueness.

Our passion and knowledge trigger us to pursue the leaders of European producers of cold pressed oils and healthy food. Ol'Vita creates the highest standard of quality of this type of products in the market

Our flagship products are as follows:
- Linseed oil for dr Budwig's diet, cold pressed, unrefined, of high content of omega 3 fatty acids (54 g/ 100 g of oil) being sold in carefully selected thermal wrapping protecting it from external temperatures and UV radiation
- Cold pressed unrefined coconut oil
- Cold pressed unrefined hemp seed oil
- Cold pressed unrefined black seed oil
- Cold pressed unrefined wheat germ oil
- Cold pressed unrefined pumpkin seed oil
- Cold pressed unrefined la rape seed oil
- Cold pressed unrefined milk thistle oil

As the first and only in Poland we have developed and implemented the technology of cold-pressing of Polish wheat germ oil. This oil is characterised with high content of vitamin E (310 mg/ 100 g of oil) and octacosanol (234 mg/ 100 g of oil), as well as pleasant wheat flavour and golden colour. The wheat germ oil has been distinguished during healthy food fairs twice, among other, it was awarded the Gold Medal in the category of Polish natural product during Natura Food 2016 International Fairs.

Our natural flour products from oil seeds, rich in plant-based proteins, vitamins, micro- and macro-elements, are very popular in confectionery and bakery branches.
Ol'Vita, as one of only few companies, have its own technological line where we cold press coconut oil of excellent taste and aroma as well as precious content of oil acid.
The development of the company is especially important to us, therefore, we always try to be one step ahead of others. We react to the clients' needs and changing trends in the area of healthy food by constantly widening the range of products.

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